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Dogs running and playing outside

Providing pets a happy and healthy Home Away From Home.

dog and trainer playing with waterAt Home Away From Home Pet Care Facility, we make it our mission to treat every pet as though they're our own. We offer a variety of boarding options to best suit every pet's unique needs.

Our spacious individual accommodations are temperature controlled to ensure every pet remains comfortable throughout their stay. We can accommodate all sizes, ages, breeds, and personalities of dogs, cats and other domestic pets. Every dog kennel provides inside and outside access and is sanitized twice daily. We also offer three outside potty yards to give dogs an opportunity to exercise and explore during their stay.

For our most pampered patrons, we offer private suites equipped with plush bedding and individual windows to provide ample amounts of natural light. Our suites are quiet and secluded from our other guests, making them the perfect place for your shy, elderly or "privileged" pets to vacation while you're away.

Cats and other small animals are provided individual boarding condos located in our newly remodeled "Kitty City", away from our canine guests. We provide bedding and boarding supplies for cats; however, special arrangements may be required for other small pets.


For pricing or boarding reservations, please call us at (937)686-6365.

Vaccination Requirements

two dogs greeting each other through a fenceDogs:
Rabies (over 6 mos. of age)
Bordetella (must have been administered at least 10 days prior to training)
Canine Influenza (must have initial vaccination and at least one booster)

Rabies (over 6 mos. of age)
Feline Leukemia