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Bringing balance to the lives of dogs and their families.

k9 training logo At Home Away From Home Pet Care Facility, our certified professional trainers are committed to providing you and your dog with the personal attention and education you need in order to reach all of your training goals. We are not hobby trainers, our training staff works full-time to ensure that we offer flexibility to accommodate URGENT training needs for the more difficult dogs and we are available to answer your questions and schedule appointments that work best for your life and family. Our training staff actively engages in educational programs and research to ensure we are maintaining a high level of program development, professionalism, safety and knowledge. We understand that not every dog or family is alike; therefore, our trainers conduct a free Pre-Training Consultation to learn more about your goals and your dog's behaviors. It is our mission to help every dog and owner gain an understanding and respect for each other using communication and obedience. We don't just train dogs - we train people too!

Pre-Training Consultation

As a dog owner, you have several choices as to how and where you want your dog trained. In order to make that decision easier, we invite all dog owners to participate in a free, no obligation Pre-Training Consultation conducted by one of our Certified Professional Trainers. During your consult, we will gather information about your training goals and the behavior of your dog to determine which one of our training programs would best suite your needs. Our goal is to educate you and establish a program that will achieve great results for you and your dog!

Puppy Preschool

puppy in a training classFrom the moment your puppy becomes part of your family, all of your interactions will begin shaping its behaviors and establishing patterns. It is easy for new puppy owners to get caught up in their cute, sleepy, and playful bundles of fur - sometimes leading to a lack of direction or boundaries for what will soon grow into a biting, jumping and pooping tyrant! Our Puppy Preschool program is designed to educate new puppy owners on the topics and challenges that come along with having a new member of the family (especially once the sleepless nights and bite marks start to take over your life). Let's face it - puppies are a lot of work, but we want to help make your job as a new puppy mom or dad much easier.

During our Puppy Preschool class, we are going to introduce you to topics and techniques that can be used to help your puppy adapt during its most critical time in life. Up to 90% of your puppy's attitude toward people, other animals and their environment will be established before they reach 16 weeks of age. Although Puppy Preschool is a group setting, every puppy will receive plenty of one on one attention and owners will have certified professional trainers at their disposal for questions and advise.

In order to participate in Puppy Preschool, your puppy must be:

  • 8 - 16 weeks of age
  • In good health (We must see proof of a wellness exam conducted by a licensed veterinarian)
  • Up to date on all vaccinations: Distemper/ Parvo - number of boosters will vary based on your puppy's age; Bordetella vaccine; We HIGHLY recommend your puppy receive the Canine Influenza vaccination (required for all boarding clients)

Program cost is $100 per puppy.

Obedience Training

dog participating in an obedience lessonPRIVATE LESSONS
Private lessons are an excellent way for dog owners to learn how to communicate with their dogs, train obedience commands and handle unwanted behaviors. The personal attention you and your dog will receive from one of our certified professional trainers will allow you to focus directly on your goals and how to enhance your dog's development.

Although a bit more expensive than group classes, private lessons focus directly on your dog's unique personality and set of challenges. Our trainers will generate an individualized program based on your skill, goals and your dog's aptitude for learning. All the time spent during a private lesson is on YOU and YOUR DOG, you will not get lost in the shuffle of a beginner level group class.

Private lessons do require a significant time commitment and patience from the owner, but can be very rewarding, especially as you begin to see the changes in your dog's behaviors and focus. This is a great option for owner's who have the desire to learn the methods behind training or for dogs whose personalities are better suited to remain in the home (typically shy/timid dogs).

dogs in kennelsBy far our most popular option, the Residency program is designed to accommodate dog owners who lack the time or skills needed to train their dogs. This program is a highly effective way of generating quick results, modifying behavioral issues, and setting the foundation for off-leash handling. While in residency, our Certified Professional Trainers will participate in several training workouts each day with your dog, adapting each one to accommodate its successes and challenges. Once your dog's stay is complete, we will transfer their leash into your hands using a series of private lessons designed to educate you on what your dog knows and how you can begin to establish a new set of expectations or limits within your home.

Residency Programs vary in length based on the needs and behaviors or your dog. These programs are exceptionally beneficial for hyper dogs, extremely shy or fearful dogs, dogs requiring behavioral modification, and dogs entering into a specialty training program.

Available to dogs and owners that have an excellent obedience foundation, our Advance Group Classes introduce high levels of distraction and difficulty. Geared toward simulating "real life" experiences, dogs and owners will begin their transition into off-leash obedience.

curly-haired dog wearing a red service vest Although our primary focus is on obedience and behavior modification, our training staff also provides specialty training. If you have any questions regarding Service Dog training, Scent Detection, Tracking and Trailing, Puppy Temperament Testing or Personal Protection, please contact Robin at (937)843-4776.

Are you looking for your dog to earn the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen certification? If so, we can help you out! We provide training classes to help you and your dog prepare for the CGC test as well as evaluation services for those not wanting to participate in a group class. Please call our Training Office for pricing and details.


  • All dogs must be a minimum of 16 weeks of age.
  • All dogs must be healthy and exhibit no clinical signs of illness, injury or disease.
  • All dogs must be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian for: Distemper/Parvo; Rabies (over 6 mos. of age); Bordetella (must have been administered at least 10 days prior to training); Canine Influenza (must have initial vaccination and at least one booster)

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